We have several Studio facilities available to us but, the main borders are located between London and Essex.

Included in all studios is a tradtionally and friendly environment and all production studios are professional, sophisticated and house modern equipment suitable for all TV show needs.

The new show will present the best of UK and international American roots music that Americana embraces, including Country, Blues, Bluegrass and Jazz. Reflecting the rich and diverse array of people who love Americana, the show will also include Americana-infused  comedy, cookery, fashion, news and competitions. Content will come from our studio and from events and locations around the UK and internationally.

So with these facilities of state of the art equipment in vision, sound and lighting, we are now poised to deliver every production to its full potential and more.

Our own studio has a full recording studio, an in house suite for guests, a kitchen area and internal viewing complex..

We will only allow musical geniuses around our own Studio.

Frank Graves - Source Title

Americana music and culture are well-established and growing in the UK. Now is the perfect time for a TV show to be launched that reflect this. The first show, airing in November features several extemely well known artists joining us to launch our TV Show.. Subsequent shows will feature a host of great artists and will air weekly on an hourly basis..


Lighting packages are available and can be pre-rigged by our in-house rigging team to save time and money.
Maybe it's the tranquillity of our location, competitive pricing or the quality catering and warm welcome. Whatever it is, we are grateful to see our clients returning to these time and time again.

Our production team are well equipped and focused to deliver every task at hand with perfection.

From the producers and editors, floor runners and backroom staff, they all carry a sense of achievement and company ethos in bringing fresh and new programming to the UK screens.


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