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Clint Bradley - Riding After Midnight


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Clint Bradley - Riding After Midnight

Every singer/songwriter or musician has a seminal moment at some time in their lives. You hear or see something that makes you want to pick up an instrument and play. For me it was hearing ‘Marty Robbins’ sing his gun fighter ballads. I have a vivid memory of hearing that sound for the first time, it totally captivated and drew me in. From there I discovered the Sons of the Pioneers, Gene Autry and others and with each step I took further into the world of Western music the more enchanted I became.
In June 2014 my first dedicated Western album “RIDING AFTER MIDNIGHT” was released. Here at long last I’ve done what I’ve wanted to do for so many years and record an album of songs in a style that I am truly passionate about. Music and what it does to people spiritually, is a powerful force. All of us are drawn to particular styles and sounds, we can’t explain why, it just is. For many of us the source of our passion can be thousands of miles from where we are born and live. So it is with me, I cannot claim to have lived a life on the prairie or even on the same continent as the artists who have always inspired me. All I have is the passion and the pure belief in the music……
This album is truly outstanding! I hope it gets the wide acclaim in thoroughly deserves.
David Brassington / Maverick magazine *****

Product Code: XJM6I4

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